Donation-based ONLINE Lesson

Let’s Dance and support people in need together!

「warm up → practice for rhythm → solo choreography (based ballroom dance LATIN)」
※ You can see reference video on our YouTube.
warm up

Every Monday 19:30~20:00 (Japan)

Using ZOOM.

Contact us and we will send you the room number & password for each lessons.



★How much?
This ONLINE Lesson is based donation.
In appreciation of your donation, we will send you the video of choreography of the lesson.

You can use PAYPAY or Paypal.

We will donate 50% of your donation to organisation who helps people in COVID19. 

June & July 2020 We donate to…
Help for families living in poverty in Japan.

Dancing is fun and good for your health & mind.
Come join us!!

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